Five little-known facts about women with low self-worth

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Poor self-worth is a widespread problem that many women experience. It may affect a woman's self-esteem, love life, and general quality of life. Women who lack self-worth may find recognizing their value challenging and perceive themselves poorly.

Even though low self-worth is a widespread issue, a few little-known statistics about women who struggle with it can shed light on their circumstances. Statistics regarding women who are undervalued include:

Low self-esteem might make it difficult for women to receive praise.

Someone with low self-worth could feel unworthy of a compliment, and it might even make them feel worse. Instead of gratefully taking the praise, they can dismiss or belittle it.

Women with poor self-esteem could have the propensity to please others.

Women with poor self-esteem frequently fear rejection and may go to others for approval to feel better about themselves. As a result, they may engage in people-pleasing conduct where they put other people's needs and interests ahead of their own, sometimes even at their own expense.

Setting limits might be difficult for women who lack self-worth.

Setting boundaries might be challenging for women with low self-worth because they worry about offending others or being rejected. They might consent to actions they don't wish to take or put up with violent or disrespectful conduct from others.

Imposter syndrome can be complex for women who lack self-worth.

Despite indications of accomplishment or ability, imposter syndrome is a sense of inadequacy. Imposter syndrome is a problem for low self-worth women who feel they are "faking it" in their personal or professional lives or that their successes are unworthy of them.

Women who don't feel good about themselves could act in ways that harm themselves.

Negative self-talk and self-destructive habits like procrastination, isolation, and substance misuse can result from low self-worth. These habits can worsen a woman's sense of value and make it harder to end the vicious cycle of negative thoughts and actions.