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Monthly Rejuvenation Group

Experience a refreshing journey towards self-care and relaxation. These sessions are designed to help you deepen your self-awareness, connect with community members, cope with your emotions, and revitalize your mind and body. Our expert facilitators will guide you through various techniques such as meditation, teach you coping strategies, and provide psychoeducation on various mental health and wellness topics. Through the power of virtual connection, you'll have the opportunity to authentically connect with like-minded individuals who are also seeking rejuvenation. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to prioritize your well-being.

Upcoming Rejuvenation Sessions

EFT Tapping for Health

Tuesday, January 23rd - 5 to 6pm

Led by Bre Wolta Relationship Clarity Coach, EFT + The Clearing WorkTM Certified Practitioner. EFT is a somatic tool that helps to regulate your nervous system by sending calming signals to the brain. It works to create safety in the body, allowing you to feel distressing emotions safely, and return to a calm state more quickly. Get the tools and awareness needed to integrate EFT into your day-to-day life, helping you manage your stress response and move through triggering moments more easily.

Self-Love/Compassion for Valentines Day and beyond

Thursday, February 8 - noon to 1 pm

What could be more important than a foundation of self-love and compassion? Join us for a 20-minute self-love meditation, followed by 40 minutes of psychoeducation and open discussion to explore self-compassion strategies. 

Clarity Breathwork

Sunday, March 3rd - 9 to 10 am

Led by Janna Yost with Sacred Spaces Holistic Health. Clarity Breathwork is a gentle yet potent breathing technique that nurtures healing and personal transformation. It enables the release of stress stored within the body's cells, facilitating the transformation of limiting thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. The breath's profound impact extends to physical, emotional, mental, and energetic well-being, opening a gateway to your inner truth. 

Meet Your Group Facilitators

Sarah Bass

Sarah Bass is the Founder and a Clinician at Sonder Services, LLC. She has a Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling. She is passionate about providing mental health education to individuals, couples, and organizations aimed at cultivating a fulfilling life, while maximizing connection and overall potential. Sarah combines her solution-oriented and goal-driven perspective with holistic approaches to offer empathetic, empowering, and actionable support. Sarah enjoys just about anything outdoors, yoga, traveling, reading, cooking, and spending time with her husband, family, friends, and dogs!

Elise Fabricant

It is the great honor of Elise Fabricant’s life to be able to help Coloradans overcome challenges with boundaries, relationships, communication, and overwhelming emotions. Her approach is collaborative, strengths-based, and empowerment-focused. She especially loves supporting recovering “good girls” to overcome people-pleasing and perfectionism to grow into powerful, strong, and free women. Elise is the Founder and a Clinician at Wild Precious Life Therapy. She has a Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling as well as certificates in life coaching, yoga instruction, and massage therapy.